Monday, July 15, 2013


Recent activities from Indian National Congress (INC) indicate that they are already scared of losing 16th Lok Sabha Election. As a matter of fact they should be scared considering recent downfall of India during last 10 years of their governance. 5 years before Congress came to power in (2004) India had many good things going on and most of the trends were in right direction. However, Congress reversed everything and India started going downhill.

 I was wondering about Food Security Bill proposed by Congress. Everyone is talking about it and saying that this whole drama is to ease out anger of rural voters that account ~70% of Indian population. I say that it true but there is another aspect of it that many people are not seeing i.e. IT IS CONGRESS THAT IS MAKING INDIA POOR. The reason majority of Congress ministers are corrupt and they are filling their bank accounts by public money (OUR MONEY). Looking below at different scams, happened during Congress governance reveals true (CORRUPT) nature of Congress and its ministers.

Since 2003 till 2009 there have been many scams that total ~$73 trillion[1] (which is ~5 times the GDP of USA or ~40 times the GDP of India). THIS IS STRICTLY PUBLIC MONEY THAT IS LOOTED BY CORRUPT POLITICIANS (majority of them happens to be Congress politicians).

Now the question - what the connection between scams and poverty? If we look at the historic data for people living below poverty line (BPL) we will see a very clear indication of what has Congress done to this country. Congress kept plundering the country and kept forcing poor to become poorer. Looking at the historic date we can see that BJP did a good job of reducing the number of poor in India (trend continued from 1999 to 2004) in its 5 year governance. As a matter of fact due to inertia of policies implemented by BJP country kep going for another 2 to 3 years (i.e. till 2007-2008) then Congress effect kicked in and number of poor started increasing. As a matter of fact to this date we have 33% India’s population below poverty line (BPL), which is ~410 million (i.e. ~1.3 times the population of USA).

 Today these useless Congress is talking about giving subsidize food to poor, THE POOR THAT THEY CREATED IN FIRST PLACE. To put the things into perspective if these corrupt politicians had not looted our money we could have created so many means of employment[1] that we would have eliminated poor from this country and there was no need to give free food to anyone.

Thus 10 years contribution from Congress is that CONGRESS HAS CREATED ~100 MILLIOIN ADDITIONAL POOR PEOPLE in India and if we (Indians) want to reverse the trend this is the time to educate our brothers and sisters so that we can strongly reject Congress and get rid of these corrupt Congress politicians.